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Hi there!  I'm Kaci, a Registered Nurse working in Labor & Delivery and Mama of 2 .  Since beginning my nursing career in 2009 and starting my own family in 2015, I have gained extensive knowledge and experience in maternal-newborn health.  I am well prepared to support you in the areas of pediatric sleep, pre/postnatal education, as well as infant feeding.  Scroll down to learn more about services, events, free email trainings, and self-paced online courses.

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All of The Mama Coach programming revolves around our professional designation as Registered Nurses.  I assess each client and customize my support in order to help you meet your parenting goals.

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More Than Sleep

(Ages 3 Months - 10 Years)

Package A

Includes a customized & comprehensive sleep plan + 60 minute call or virtual review of plan. 

Package B

Includes a customized & comprehensive sleep plan + 60 minute call + one week of coaching/support. (1 phone call & a week of emails)

Package C

Customized & comprehensive sleep plan + 60 minute in-home OR virtual visit + two weeks of coaching/support. (2 Phone calls & 2 weeks of emails)

Most Popular

Not Your Average Prenatal Class

Take the same prenatal class as Jillian Harris!  This class is written by a Labor & Delivery Registered Nurse and Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and it's a ton of fun!  We will walk you through all you need to feel confident about labor, delivery, the postpartum and newborn period as well as breast and bottle feeding.  Can be done in person or virtually.

Newborn Package

Let me help you lay the foundation for solid newborn feeding and sleep!
Includes one visit (in-person or virtual) where I will address all your newborn questions and concerns. Plus weekly phone calls and daily email support for 4 weeks. You will feel completely supported and prepared to care for your newborn.

Two Visit & 8 week support package also available


Lactation Support

Breastfeeding can be stressful!  As a Certified Breastfeeding Counselor, I am here to help you even before your baby is born. This package includes a one-hour class to address what can be done in pregnancy to make you feel more confident, postpartum care, and a personalized assessment. Along with nursing & feeding challenges.  Also includes a comprehensive feeding eBook.

Virtual Feeding Support

Wouldn't it be amazing if you could virtually meet up with a Mama Coach and have all your feeding concerns addressed?  Guess what - you can!  As nurses and lactation specialists, we can help with breastfeeding or bottle-feeding to get you on the right track.  FED IS BEST! Virtual & In-home Visits Available

Weaning Support

I will do an assessment and help you decide what is the best plan to get your little one transitioned from breastfeeding. Includes a 30 minute call to discuss your weaning plan, and a weekly email check in to ensure things are going well physically and emotionally for both you and your baby.

Online Courses

Antenatal Hand Expression

Includes the online course (videos / eBooks) as well as the supply kit mailed straight to your door.  Antenatal Hand Expression is the number one thing you can do while pregnant to support your breastfeeding journey.


Includes the online course (videos / eBooks).  Our Newborn course is very easy to use and packed full of support to help prepare, educate, and guide you through the fourth trimester with your newborn.  In person or virtual support can be added on for a holistic experience.


Private & Group Settings

I host virtual and in person classes on sleep, lactation, prenatal and CPR ongoing - click to book now.

Don't see the date you'd like or to request a private class, please click below to set something up.

Free Email Series


If you are pregnant, you won't want to miss our weekly pregnancy email series.  Written by an RN and based on current recommendations.  Enjoy quality information in your inbox every week.


For anyone excited and nervous to breastfeed, we've developed this free email series all about Making More Milk.  Learn our top tips which will have huge impact on your supply!


Sleep can be one of your biggest challenges as a new parent - we've been there!  We want to support you on your journey with this email series.  Filled with our top tips to get you sleeping!

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